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101 Harley Street, London, UK

Georgina East

About Us

Georgina East is an award-winning skin specialist. Since 2015, Georgina has been running Grafton Spa and Wellness in Northampton a bespoke private spa and now the Harley Street Skin Transformation Clinic.

SKNfluence at the Harley Street Skin Transformation Clinic is set of procedures which she developed and designed for clients who were not quite ready for more invasive surgical techniques . It works on and below the surface of the skin to modify the skin’s entire architecture, generating new collagen and elastin fibres. This provides clinical improvements in skin tone, texture and laxity, and provides both immediate visible results as well as progressive improvement in skin quality for a considerable amount of time afterwards.

SKNfluence provides life-changing skincare at the Harley Street Clinic, London. Georgina East promotes a long-term solution to change the health of her clients’ skin by encouraging better skin from within, Georgina uses techniques like diamond tip microdermabrasion, microneedling, oxygen therapy, LED light therapy and NeoGen Plasma to achieve great results.

Georgina has already begun working with several famous clients to help them in their own amazing skin journey. Despite SKNfluence’s short timespan, it has already accumulated awards, such as Skin Specialist of the Year in the UK from the Hair and Beauty Federation 2022 and has been chosen as a finalist by Day Spa.

Georgina began her journey in 2003 following her graduation from Magdalen College Brackley, completing her Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy qualifications at Warwickshire College. As well as undertaking a course in business studies, she was awarded with student of the year in her first year as well as therapist of the year in her second year, outlining her outstanding level of work.

She then went on to join a local spa, gaining vital industry knowledge and qualifications in large skincare brands. This allowed her to progress to a skin specialist salon, where she continued to train in skincare and eventually reached the highest attainable level in skin therapy and aesthetics.

By 2006, she had set up her own small salon by the name of Just4You Beauty Studio with her mother Kay. Concentrating on hair and beauty as well as skin therapy, the salon was well appointed and achieved amazing bespoke facials which satisfied many customers. 2011 saw an expansion of Georgina’s personal salon on the Wakefield Estate in Potterspury; it was awarded salon of the year in Northamptonshire.

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