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Acne & How SkNFluence Will Change Your Life!


Acne scarring is one thing most people cannot deal with.

The acne scars are always quite visible mostly on the face and sometimes the back, but their visibility can be reduced using different treatment methods like the NeoGen Plasma.

The treatment method makes use of a highly invigorated gaseous state recognized as plasma to infiltrate the artificial and deeper levels of the dermis to substitute broken collagen and boost new collagen and elastin growth.

Plasma is generated in the handpiece via a mixture of nitrogen gas and ultra-high radiofrequency.

Plasma technology an effective acne treatment done in the privacy of our salon at Grafton Spa, it is quite a new and innovative treatment method in the field of medical aesthetics and it uses plasma energy to restore and heal the skin. It is appropriate for all skin types and especially a good choice for people with super sensitive skin and those who are equally sensitive to laser-based acne treatments.

The NeoGen plasma method is not a laser treatment method which is one of its major advantages. There is no after treatment redness or any sort of sensitivity. Patients get to experience no downtime with this treatment method since the therapy is soothing and gentle. With these zero effects, it can still treat different skin conditions including; treatment, acne scars removal, psoriasis, melasma, pigmentation, eczema, enlarged pores.

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