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Five key benefits of having acne treated with the NeoGen plasma method.

Deep dermis healing

One of the main benefits of using this treatment method is that it encourages healing and cell rejuvenation from the super deep dermis layers of the skin, which brings about complete healing and eradication.

Has a strong anti-bacterial effect

The energy which NeoGen plasma produces contains a high sterilizing power which is known as the bactericidal effect which gets rid of any bacteria and prevents their growth.

This is what makes this suitable for patients, who have red inflamed acne.

No oral medication

Subduing extra sebum secretion is an essential part of acne treatment. As the plasma treatment method helps in suppressing the secretion of sebum, it substitutes the need for any further oral medication.

No skin peeling effect

With the plasma treatment method, some skin gets peeled off and as skin is substituted from the deep layer, any additional dead skin layers are gotten rid of without any major notice. Plasma treatment leaves this super-strong peeling effect as compared to other peeling treatment methods.

Aids in increasing skin absorption efficiency

After plasma therapy, the skin’s rate of absorption tends to increase drastically. This enables the topical medication to work effectively.

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