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What are the signs of ageing?

Ageing can take its toll in many different ways, including:

• Expression lines and wrinkles

• Loss of fat volume

• Loss of bone structure

• Gravity

• Sun damage – the worst offender

How can NeoGen help?

NeoGen can help reverse the signs of aging, and patients can expect:

• A reduction in fine lines and deep wrinkles

• More even skin tone by removal of discoloration and hyperpigmentation

• Smoother, improved texture

• Significantly tighter and firmer skin

• A reduction in acne scarring and redness

NeoGen’s precise device works well in notoriously hard to treat areas by providing lifted eyelids, reduced vertical wrinkles around the mouth, and sagginess at the jowls. This technology can help rejuvenate the skin and improve it over time by signaling new collagen to remodel the skin.

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